Vaccination Policy

Our Vaccination Rules

We follow a strict vaccination protocol to best keep all animals safe and healthy. For your animal to stay with us we require proof from a veterinarian that the following vaccinations have been administered:


  • An annual vaccination that covers Kennel Cough
  • PLUS every 3 years a vaccination that covers Distemper, Hepatitis & Parvo


  • Annual vaccination that covers cat influenza (Calcivirus and Herpes)
  • Plus every 3 years a vaccination that covers Feline Parvo (Panleukopenia)

All vaccinations must be updated before the previous one has expired and given at least a 72 hour stand-down period before they are due to arrive at Penzance.

If the vaccination has lapsed between administrations there is a 10 day stand down period before the can be accepted at Penzance.

If this is the first time vaccination for your animals there is a 2 week stand-down period before they are due to arrive at Penzance.

Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and Kittens have to be 16 weeks or older and have received their final puppy kitten booster vaccinations at least 10 days before boarding.

Worms and Fleas

Despite the advice that you may not need to flea and worm your pet if it is staying at home –  in the kennels and cattery we highly recommend that you do complete these treatments before boarding your pet at Penzance.

This is because of some things that are different from the home environment:

  1. In winter we keep the facilities warm and comfortable. Heat can set off a flea cycle.
  2. We keep the facilities very clean but it is unlikely that we can sanitize the grass where lots of dogs exercise.
  3. Animals are encouraged to socialise and may meet many other guests while they are here, all with different home standards.
  4. If we had an outbreak here (we haven’t but it’s not an impossible concept) your pet would stay comfortable and you wouldn’t end up with extra guests at your breakfast table !!

Prevention is better than cure  –  if everyone does it, there won’t ever be a problem !

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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