Grooming Services at Penzance.

N.B All of these services depend on the Owners keeping to pick up arrangements. If Owners arrive to pick up earlier than arranged, it may not have been possible to complete even the most basic groom.

 1. All pets are sent home looking reasonably tidy. They will get a good brush and  if they are very dirty will get a quick wash. Sometimes your pet will be damp when you pick them up.

2. Some Owners request that their pet is always given a proper bath and shampoo before they go home. To have your pet smelling fragrant and looking beautiful it will cost the following:

Small Dogs $20 Medium Dogs $30 Large Dogs $40

This will NOT involve cutting nails or fur, and your pet may be damp when you pick them up.

3. Many Owners ask us to work with the local groomer on their behalf. The groomer picks up the pet on the last day of boarding and returns them fully groomed. This includes cutting, washing, drying and nail clipped. When they return to Penzance, they are kept clean (this usually means quietly by themselves) until their Owners pick them up and take them home.

We do all the leg work and you pick up a professionally pampered pet!

There will be a separate sales invoice for this service which can be paid over the internet. Alternatively the groomer can quote you a price in advance so you can pay by cash or cheque. She might need a description or photo of the dog if he / she is a new customer.

Find out more about our local professional groomer by visiting

Pick Up and Delivery Service

Penzance provide a pick up and delivery service for your beloved pet. The following chart gives the approximate cost for fetching/ picking up a pet within the different areas of Dunedin.

The cost is decided on an individual case basis and also the time of delivery / pick up. Airport jobs need to be discussed specifically with Owners. Most appointments of this kind will be after or before Penzance opening hours as all staff are needed to complete the daily duties on site.

Penzance supply crates for smaller dogs and leads to tie bigger dogs safely into the car.

Suburb Cost of one journey to your house and back to Penzance in NZD
City Centre 20
Pine Hill, Dalmore and Liberton 25
Dunedin North 25
North East Valley and Gardens 25
Normanby and Mount Mera 25
Opoho 25
Ravensbourne 25
Sheil Hill, Waverley 15
Andersons Bay, Tahuna and Tainui and Vauxhall 20
Musselburgh 20
South Dunedin and Kensington 20
St. Kilda 20
St. Clair and Forbury 20
Corstorphine, Key and Calton Hill 25
Caversham and Lookout Point 25
Mornington, Maryhill and Balaclava 25
Roslyn and Belleknowes 25
Maori Hill and Prospect Park 25
Woodhaugh, Glenleith and Leith Valley 25
Port Chalmers 30
Maia and Burkes 25
Saint Leonards 25
Roseneath and Sawyers Bay 30
Portobellow 25
Broad Bay 20
Macandrew Bay 20
Challis and The Cove 20
Ocean Grove 20
Waldronville 30
Concord and Burnside 25
Green Island 25
Abbotsford 25
Fairfield 30
Mosgiel 40
Kaikorai Valley, Bradford and Kenmure 25
Brockville 25
Halfway Bush 25
Wakari and Helensburgh 25
Brighton 40