Facilities - Dogs

Happy Dogs. 

All the tails are wagging at Penzance because: 

  • Owners live on site and the facilities are secure.
  • All dogs sleep in kennels that are well heated and insulated. They stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Dogs always have individual kennel spaces to sleep and eat in.  Only family groups can sleep and eat together.
  • Dogs have strong plastic beds with towels as comfy bedding.
  • Different size kennel spaces are available for comfort.
  • All kennels have a smoke alarm system hard wired to an alarm in the house and a location indicator.
  • All kennels are cleaned regularly with vet approved products and exercise facilities are kept clean.
  • Dogs socialise with other dogs on big grass exercise yards.  Dogs run free, leads are not used. Staff supervise.
  • Exercise sessions are long and if the weather is bad, the on-site owners can work around it.
  • All dogs rest and sleep after meals .   Anti-gulp bowls are available.  Filtered water.
  • All pets have to be fully and appropriately vaccinated. We also advise pets are treated for worms and fleas for general hygiene.
  • Staff talk to owners and take account of individual needs.  Owners can check how pets are progressing.
  • Staff take pets to the vet if necessary and have been trained about what symptoms to look for .
  • Staff are happy to attend to medical needs such as pills and injections.
  • Smaller number of dogs than some kennels means more time to play and get to know dogs.
  • Premium dry food served twice a day, which is full of nutrition.  Other foods available if needed. Eating is monitored.
Regular Guest Shiloh

Regular Guest, Shiloh

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