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Happy cats

Special Penzance features include;

  • Owners live on site and the facilities are secure.
  • Most cats sleep and eat in individual rooms .  This area of the cattery is kept cool or warm by a powerful heat pump. This arrangement means a specific cat’s health can be  monitored properly. Only siblings can share.
  • Cats can have two types of hygienic plastic beds, with soft fleeces  as comfy bedding.
  • All cattery facilities have a smoke alarm system hard wired to an alarm in the house and a location indicator.
  • All cattery facilities are cleaned regularly with vet approved products and exercise facilities are kept clean.
  • Regular cleaning means staff are around to stroke and cuddle cats often. In addition to this, carefully chosen volunteers come just to play.
  • Confident cats are free to roam around two large communal areas, one with an inside feel and one with an outside feel. There are plenty of toys and hidey holes both high and low to explore.
  • A special play area is reserved for older cats, kittens that needs a great deal of supervision, Cats recovering from operations and antisocial cats. There are also we can reduce stress for the very timid cat.
  • Cats are fed a premium dry food twice a day and have filtered water available at all times.

Other foods are available If they will not eat.

  • All pets have to be fully and appropriately vaccinated. We also advise pets are treated for worms and fleas for general hygiene.
  • Cats receive basic grooming if required. A professional groom can be organised.
  • Staff talk to owners and take account of individual needs. Owners can check how pets are progressing.
  • Staff take pets to the vet if necessary and have been trained about what symptoms to look for .
  • Staff are happy to attend to medical needs such as pills and injections. Medical sheets kept.
  • Smaller number of cats than some catteries means more time to play and get to know cats.

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