Customer Reviews

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Penzance are our choice for kennels and have been ever since we moved to Dunedin. Our dogs have always been happy to go there (often don't want to come home again!). We are secure in the knowledge they are completely well cared for at all times and in a safe and happy environment. Totally recommend - would not go anywhere else.
-Lee van der Shuit
I was referred to Penzance by a co worker and I am so glad I listened and booked my dog in. I have used Penzance several times now. My dog has epilepsy and the staff are committed to giving Missy her meds and even called the vet when they found her the next morning with her previous night's pill sneakily spat out. I appreciate their support and feedback in my management of Missy and her seizures. More importantly, while grooming Missy at her last stay, they found a lump on her tail. I have since followed this up with a vet.The staff tell me they really enjoy Missy and that makes me feel like a proud Mum. I am such a sap deep down.
-Eleanor O'Neill
Bruno loves going to Penzance. We always know he is well looked after and has a wonderful time with the other dogs. We never have to worry about him when we go away on holiday or a long weekend.
-Chloe Squires
We were so nervous about our cat going to a cattery for 10 days as she’s an indoor cat and not used to being around other cats but she had a great time at Penzance. She loved the other cats and was so well taken care of, she came home happy and with her coat shining. We’re very grateful for the team at Penzance for looking after her so well.
-Jenny Wagner